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EGF Skin Care Serum

EGF Skin Care Serum
Product name:EGF Skin Care Serum
Product Name: EGF Epidermal Growth Factor

Main Ingredients: EGF, Mannit.

The Effect of EGF Skin Protection:

1. To improve the microcirculation of the skin (smooth), to promote synthesis and secretion of hyaluronic acid (moisture): EGF can promote extracellular hyaluronic acid, sugar,

protein synthesis and secretion of macromolecules,

enhance the hydrophilicity of the skin to maintain skin moisture.

 EGF can improve the microcirculation, so that blood unobstructed to prevent the silting metabolism and make skin nutritious.

2. To reduce melanin deposition (pigmentation): EGF can replace the colored cells by promoting the growth and differentiation of various cells within the skin, resulting in a large number of new cells.

 Under the action of the EGF, the skin stays healthy. Skin’s melanin from the skin surface will be discharged along with metabolic, natural peeling.

3. Repair the skin of various fibers (wrinkles): EGF can promote the dermis layer of fibroblast cells to repair the aging of collagen fibers and elastic fibers.

EGF can synthesize and secrete more collagen, hyaluronic acid and other macromolecules.

4. EGF can improve microcirculation, to provide good nutrition environment, maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, uniform compact and reduce wrinkles.

5. Promote cell metabolism (anti-aging): EGF can promote cell proliferation and differentiation. EGF is able to differentiate into mature cells against "Stem Cell Island", curb the aging gene expression at the same time.

 EGF fundamentally changes the composition of skin cells and reduces the average age of skin cells, leaves skin smooth and beautiful.

Use Direction:
Open the outer lid then take the soluble enzyme bottles and (EGF) freeze-dried powder bottle out. Gently open the cover and slowly pulling upward, expose rubber cap.

Use syringe (Bundled) extract the solvent liquid into the lyophilized powder bottle, make it fully dissolved then gently shake the spray bottle a few times.

 After cleansing, use the syringe extract a portion on the face. And then follow the normal procedure of Skin Care.

To take full advantage of this product, use back of hands gently touch the face where is sprayed to make it absorb naturally. This product is best used morning and evening.


Freeze-dried Powder 50mg×4; Solvent 2.5ml×4.


After use to store in a cool and dry places (preferably refrigerated), to avoid direct sunlight.


The product shelf life is two years. Once unsealed and mixed, the active hold time is 10 days. To achieve good results, it is recommended 7 days to run out.


Shaanxi Zhongbang Pharma-Tech Co., Ltd.

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