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Far-infrared Waist Belt

Far-infrared Waist Belt Far-infrared Waist Belt
Product name:Far-infrared Waist Belt
Item:Jin Gu Tang
National Testing Center of infrared detection No.: (2005) WT-HW-070 
National Center for anion detection measurement report No. :205-3-038013 
Detection based on: China  health care association CAS115-2005 health functional textiles standards 
Far infrared maximum emissivity: 87 percent 
Far infrared radiation relative spectrum: 4-16CM 
Enterprise standards: Q  SXYB 02-2007 
Product Features 
High enery Bio acupuncture Type,Natrual Element Kidney Strengthening Waist Belt .Strengthening Waist and Kidneys, Reinforcing the Vital Energy and Consolidating the Constitution.
Happinss Waist Belt  is made according to the principles of TCM acupuncture, body massage and modern medicine radiation penetration of trace elements, magnetic therapy of physics, far infrared bio-ray penetration, applying Nano blood invirgorating Masterbatch, 0.04Tmin. permanent magnets and far infrared bio composite materials. The biggest difference it has with ordinary belts is that:  Waist Belt  applies magnetic radiation penetration, biological far-infrared radiation penetration and trace minerals infiltration, these three complementary and effective ways to release through Shenyu.Mingmen, Yaoyangguan and Qihaiyu on the meridians, to stimulate the infiltration of the lesions repeatedly to promote the general Qi and body resonance, which in essence plays a double role in health rehabilitation 
1. Promoting Qi, activating blood stasis, reducing back pressure, eliminating all low back pain, sore lumbar, bulging waist. 
2. Promoting blood circulation, adding energy substances, so that their regulatory function be brought into full play, all-round improvement of renal function.
Happiness Waist Belt product structure and technical performance 
1. 8 pieces of 0.04T min. permanent magnets 
Technical performance: placing waist acupoints within magnetic radiation may massage the waist, body biological activity coincides with the magnetic field, giving the human body a micro-current, actvating blood circulation, reducing back pressure. Protecting lumbar spine, lumbar disk and relieving waist fatigue. 
2. Composite far-infrared powder, nano blood circulating masterbatch, natural Chinese Maifan Stone particles synthesized high-energy photon beam. 
  Technical performance: high energy photon beam spots formed by far infrared biowave formation in the whole body sustained biological field, so that cells have an increase of resonance energy and strong activation of mitochondrial nucleic acid metabolism, the promotion of toxic substances emission to accelerate the infiltration of substances on absorption, elimination of inflammation, thereby repairing damaged tissues and organs, so that a variety of back pains, lumbar sores have been alleviated and rehabilited. 
3. Placed in the magnetic field, bio energy field has been catalyzed by two special energy releasing bags. 
Technical performance: strengthening Qi with valuable Chinese herbal medicine, energy supplement enriched with zinc, selenium, titanium and natural nutritional trace elements, biowave in the far infrared ray, magnetic field plays a dual role, the herbs natural medicine, natural mineral elements conditioning the kidneys, and through the waist acupoint infiltration into the renal organs, and thus nourishing the kidneys. 
1. With far infrared white spots facing the skin. 10-20 minutes after wearing, the waist has a sense of slight fever, which is the role of physiotherapy products to speed up the blood microcirculation caused by 10 minutes of magnetic resonance triggered hot action effect, 
20 minutes to eliminate pain caused by physical pain, 30 minute cycle edema gradually improves. 
2. With belt gluing at the body's Guanyuan (the navel); heartWith the two energy releasing bags at the back of the belt corresponding to the two Shenyu accupoints; 
3. As the release of energy source is from natural herbal drugs and trace elements,
 so soon after the aluminum foil is opened apply it on the belt as soon as possible for use,  half a month later, the drug force will gradually diminish, the proposed replacement of a drug core is 10-15 days, to get best result. 
 Certificate : Shaanxi Health Dept. 2007 No. 0016 
Manufacturer :Xi an Shuaici Composite Magnetic Biological Products Factory 
Product Registered with: Shaanxi Jingzheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
Exclusive Agent :Happiness Group 
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