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Gynecological Gel

Gynecological Gel
Product name:Gynecological Gel
Nano silver-ions Gynecogical Gel
Main Ingredients: Active Nano-silver ion, content more 500ug/g
Specification: 3g/tube* 5pieces /box

Efficacy: Anti-inflammation , to prevent inflammation. Vaginitis, metritis, pelvic inflammatory disease and external causes itching, vaginal odor and other gynecological inflammation

Adaptation symptoms:

1. Abnormal vaginal odor: Clear vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal discharge, odor, vaginal discharge yellow brown, rubbish-like, with bloodshot eyes and other symptoms

2. genital itching: genital itching, swelling, restlessness, do not scratch very itch, scratch it more itchy, very embarrassing indecent!

3. vaginitis: vaginal mucosa and submucosal connective tissue inflammation,
 is one of the common symptoms of gynecological diseases gynecological clinic two courses of the FDA to resolve inflammation problems.

4. cervicitis: Acute cervicitis not treated, will develop into chronic cervicitis, also known as cervical erosion, early treatment is not very severe late.
5. Improve vagina dry and vagina pain during sexual life.

How to use?
 1. Before sleeping , lie in bed,torn packaging, remove the back cover and remove the front protective sleeve, put stick into tube ,
push small gel to moist area of vagina.  Put tube into vagina and gental push all gel into vagina.
 Take tube out .  one night each time,  3 courses are suggested.
Expert advice:
This product is 100% pure Chinese medicine, we suggest you to use it based on the courses. 3 boxes as a course.  to achieve good result. please use 2-3 courses.

 1. External use only, do not orally
  2. Pregnant women, virgin and under 18 years are not forbidden
  3. Allergic people are not allowed.

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