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Hair Growth Anti Hair Loss

Hair Growth Anti Hair Loss
Product name:Hair Growth Anti Hair Loss
Item:Hair Growth Solution
[Product Name] Hair Growing Herbal Essence

Main Ingredients : Purely extracted from Polygonum multiflorum ( He Shou Wu ),  Polygonum multiflorum ( Han Lian) , Side louver ( Ce Bai Ye ).

[Crowd] suitable for use seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, bald, thinning hair and other hair problems.
Use this product directly on the area of hair loss or whole Scalp. 1-2 times per day, some amount each time, and gentle massage scalp to promote growth.
[Specification] 40ml
[Shelf Life 2 years

The world's first cellular level treatment of hair loss from pure plant preparations, completely overturned the "follicular plugging," "kidney", "endocrine glut" theory and many other hair loss,
 the first time "7 days stop hair loss, 3 weeks grow new hair, 3 months to resume normal hair growth cycle, "the full breakthrough.
Special ingredient - the hair follicle cell regeneration factor (FCF) can activate the "bottom of the hair follicle,"
the dermal papilla (DP) mesenchymal cells to promote their division and proliferation, activation of hair follicles,
so hair mother cell division synthesized healthy hair.
After the recovery of the hair follicle, the hair follicles in the unique elements of amino acids, vegetable protein, vitamin B6 and other hair matrix material necessary for the growth of living cells There are,
providing a steady stream of hair follicles and a variety of nutrient recovery work required for normal hair mother cell, also will be a lot of hair mother cell division to synthesize healthy hair follicles end telogen which began the process of growing hair, restoring its normal hair growth cycle.
 Make hair naturally healthy, thick, tough.

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