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Rosacea Acne Skin Mite Ointment

Rosacea Acne Skin Mite Ointment
Product name:Rosacea Acne Skin Mite Ointment
Product name: Rosacea ointment( red nose,acne and mite acne )
skin care chinese herbal anti acne and mite acne rosacea red nose
Specification: 20g/bottle/pack
Type: Ointment
Ingredients: agrimony, RADIX STEMONAE,witch hazel
Healthy function: Kill bacteria and anti-inflammation
This unique combination of all-natural, anti inflammatory botanicals is specially formulated to decrease visible flushing and redness by constricting blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Also these all natural , bacteria-fighting start unclogging your pores immmediately to prevent any future Rosacne-related breakout.

Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by facial erythema (redness) and sometimes pimples
Rosacea affects all ages and has four subtypes, three affecting the skin and the fourth affecting the eyes
Left untreated it worsens over time. Treatment in the form of topical steroids can aggravate the condition Rcommended for the people :
1.People is suffering from Rosacea
2.People is suffering from unexplained redness or flushing
3.People is suffering from aging skin with visible blood vessels
4.A bumpy, flaky complexion

Usage: Clean skin and make it dry, then smear ointment on the skin, Gently massage to promote absorption, 1-3 times daily

Changing after using:
Week 1-2
.Skin begins to calm, feel more nourished and look more radiant
.Bumps, blemishes and flakes start to disappear
.Redness begins dissipating and skin tone starts to even out.

Week 3-4
. Breakouts have cleared up and troubled areas are looking more evened out
. Blood vessels under skin are visibly reduced
. Redness is significantly reduced

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