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Wonderful Male pad for man prostatic pad

Wonderful Male pad for man prostatic pad Wonderful Male pad for man prostatic pad Wonderful Male pad for man prostatic pad Wonderful Male pad for man prostatic pad
Product name:Wonderful Male pad for man prostatic pad
Product name: wonderful Male Pads.

Male sexual dysfunction chronic prostatitis Prostatic Hyperplasia wonderful male pads men sexual health care

Wonderful male pad, is a male’s health care product. Using sanitary pad as the carrier. designs for male’s prostate disease, specifically for sexual dysfunction and other men's health problems. which according to traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy theory, combined with simple and feasible way to use, using natural plant essence via transdermal absorption and medicine gas fumigation.
Main ingredients: Sophora, one hundred, Cnidium, herb, angelica, Sichuan dome, Lappula, indigo, sea Gefen, borneol

Product specifications:    2 piece / box

Wonderful male pad is made by several natural plants essence ,The plant essence, is effect from outside to inside via acupoints ,passes through epidermal tissue, , penetrates capsula prostatica, sterilization, clears away heat and dampness, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, detoxification, promotes tissue repair, thereby eliminates prostatitis, improves sex life quality, keeps energetic. enjoyment wonderful man.

Product features: three breakthroughs, farewell to prostate glands disease.

1.Breakthrough of men's genitals health care.

2.Chinese traditional medicine fumigation 3.Unique components.
Wonderful male pad solved four major problems. " capsula prostatica penetration ", "blood circulation", "gland duct

blockage ",  "bacteria breeding "

Product advantage:

1. Maintenance therapy, ultimate enjoyment

No surgery, no hospital, no pain, through Chinese herb fumigation .effective components after prostate treatment acupoint transdermal absorption, patients are easily recover. Especially suitable for the elderly and patients with hemorrhoids surgery.
2. Penetration envelope, thorough sterilization.

The active ingredients can penetrate prostate tissue without damaging the structure of prostate lipid envelope, enters into prostate tissue, clear away bacteria and microorganisms inside small gland.
3.Clear gland tube, rapid inflammation.

Wonderful active ingredients has melt effect around urethra, makes hyperplasia is dissolved around urethra, prostate and gland tube blockage, eliminates pathogenic bacteria and harmful secretion.meanwhile,it relieves the sex nerve compression, quickly solves pudenda bilges painful, burning discomfort ,frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms.
4. Recovery function, no recurrence

Scientific Drug prescription .it can enhances rapid movement of human biochemical molecules, achieves to prostate body metabolism function repair, reconstructs body's immune function .effective prevention and repeated attack.
5. High-tech, elimination pain.

Using human biological engineering technology, to maximize drugs effectiveness, promotion blood circulation, rapid elimination pain, and rapidly recovery body.


1.Micturition is not thorough, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria caused by prostatitis.
2.Red acerbity stranguria caused by prostatic hyperplasia, hypertrophy .

3.Functional disorder caused by the comprehensive inflammation of the prostate.
4.Acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, bacterial prostatitis and other prostate diseases.

Phase one: used 15 -- 30 days

The gland tubule tissue of prostate gradually open, return to normal prostate tissue blood circulation; hyperplasia tissue of prostate was significantly reduced; frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urine, urine bifurcate and other symptoms were relieved, nocturia was significantly reduced.
Phase two: used 45 - 60 days

Variety of pathogenic microorganisms was completely destroyed, the adenovirus was eliminated basically , The function of prostate, urinary gland and genital gland system was restored to normal, urine clear and smooth; full of energy ,immunity enhancement.
Phase three: used 75 - 90 days,

The prostate immune system was established by itself, no longer to recurrence, completely farewell to prostate disease

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