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Wound Healing Plaster

Wound Healing Plaster
Product name:Wound Healing Plaster
Product name: Bang de li Permanent-Magnet Wound-Cure Bandages

bandages(wound care bandages, magnet bandages)

Choose the right size , cut seal and apply on affected area and sutured wounds, or other parts of the body under doctors‘ guidance, continuous use of several plasters can reduce scar formation, and eliminates painful and itching feelings on incision in rainy and cloudy days.

This product contains permanent magnet, it is prohibited to apply on the surface of the implanted pacemaker.
Sterilization: cobalt 60 gamma ray, valid for two years.For single use, do not use if package torn..
Storage: store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Production date: refer to seal


Caesarean operation, Minimal Invasive Surgery, surgical operation etc.

Bangdeli Permanent-Magnet Wound-Cure Bandages solves residual problem after operation.

1. Swift relief pain,

It is in pain within 72 hours after operations, using the Permanent-Magnet Wound-Cure Bandages can reduce bradykinin, 5-HYDROXYTRYPTAMINE(5-HT), hyperkalemia density, so that it can relief to stimulate nerve ending, improve to permeability of blood capillary, so using it can relief pain for 1 day, and detumescence for 2 days.

2. detumescence

It has double functions for preventing exudation and promoting absorption, it has good effect for permeability of blood capillary. Permeability of colloid and speed of blood flow.

3.Promote healing effect

it can improve partial blood circulation, promote bone fracture healing effect, prevent ankylenteron, promote scars recover.

4.Delete scars

Operative incisions heal takes 2 years usually, after healing most persons will have a ugly scars. Using Permanent-Magnet Wound-Cure Bandages can accelerate blood circulation of incisions, make oxygen partial pressure to reduce, carbon dioxide partial pressure raise. In state of partial anoxia, collagen fiber decrease, so that it control incisions hyperplasia. For hyperplastic incisions adopt constant high magnet to make littery collagen fiber lies in incisions ordered arrangement, accelerate collagenase to dissolve collagen, accelerate body to absorb scars, so that scars clear away.

Bangdeli Permanent-Magnet Wound-Cure Bandages Features

1. nonprescription drugs, safe for external use

Put the product on the operation incisions, physical therapy, non medicine, don’t damage to liver, lung, stomach, for infant in lactation has no side effects.

2.Effects is rapid, results obvious.

Patients stick it on the incisions , constant high mangnet will effect within 3 seconds, clinical verification, the effect is clear.

3.Function is full, price is economical and practical

There are 5 kinds function, relief pain, promote healing effect, prevent scars, delete scars, diminish pain sequel etc. and the price is best. Suitable for patients to choose.

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