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Declaration of conformity of Bang De Li Tampon

Author:Dahai Date:2010-11-1 20:25:36
Declaration of conformity
This product isn’t harmful to the health of user, not generally and not after 2 years which is the warranty period, that the product has also after 2 years the same properties and the same effects
Product Name:  Beautiful Life Tampon(Clean point tampon)
Chinese name is Qing Gong Wan 
Brand name is Bang De Li
1. Main Ingredients: Refined from Fructus Cnidii, Rhizoma Stemonae, Fructus Kochiae, Herba Leonuri, Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae, Rhizoma Angelicae Sinensis, Rhizoma Ligusticum Wallichii and Borneol.  
2. Functions: This product is intended for women's healthcare for external use, genital itching, abnormal leucorrhea etc..  
3. Usage: Used for healthcare for the perineum. Wash vulvae, untie the string, put the pill into the depth of vagina, leaving end of the thread outside, change the pill every 3 days. 
4 Precautions: 1. The product can not replace drug treatment.  
               2. Do not use on pregnant women and during woman's menstrual period.                   
3. Do not use on allergic patients.  
5. Certificate: Tibet Health Dept. Approval No.:(2008)540000-000030 
Qinggongwan-herbal tampon (Womb Cleansing) vaginal suppositories
 Product Manual
Qinggongwan(QGW) is produced from a prescription in ancient imperial court, using many expensive herbal drugs via modern bio-technology; it has a rapid, remarkable and comprehensive efficacy on diseases from female genital organs.
QGW is made from Fructus Cnidii, Rhizoma Stemonae, Fructus Kochiae, Herba Leonuri, Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae, Rhizoma Angelicae Sinensis, Rhizoma Ligusticum Wallichii and borneol. Taking 1/Herba Leonuri as its main ingredient, it can reduce fever and damp, regulate menstruation, also using 2/Fructus Kochiae as its secondary ingredient, reducing mild diaphoresis and dampness, it can also stop itch., 3/Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae is used as its 3rd level ingredient, it can also reduce fever and damp and detoxification. 4/Rhizoma Stemonae, 5/Rhizoma Angelicae Sinensis and 6/Rhizoma Ligusticum Wallichii are used to reduce fever and detoxification, 7/Fructus Cnidii can stop itch, 8/Borneol is used to reduce fever and pain, fragrant and evaporating, it can take other drugs directly and more efficiently to focus of a disease.
QGW is produced from modern technology. It is easy to use and reliable. It is a traditional Chinese medicine used for the prevention and health care for diseases from female genital organs.
Four Features of the Product
External use (vaginal suppository): the odor evaporates directly to the focus
Does not dissolve inside: so the residue will not leave inside the body
Does not swell up: pure Chinese herbal medicine
Refillable: to prevent cross infection
Five magic efficacies
Examination: If you are not sure if you have any G&O diseases, then use 1-2 pills of QGW and you will find out
Cleansing: Use 1-2 pills of QGW a lot of dirt or inflammation will be cleansed out of the womb.
Treatment: Use QGW continuously, many G&O diseases like endometritis, cervical erosion, cystic ovary, hysteromyoma, adnexitis, colpitis and PID will be cured.
A treatment for the Face: Yellowing and dimming of skin, splash and pachylosis, about 85% are caused by G&O diseases. QGW solves these problems via womb cleansing and regulating Qi and blood.
Nourishment: Healthy women use 1-2 pills of QGW every month can effectively prevent G&O diseases, meanwhile, compressing vagina, treating and nourishing the face
Six Major Functions of the Product:
Firstly, effectively disinfect more quickly with better results, traditional therapy for G&O diseases is mostly antibiotics, like some kind of medicine taken orally, it takes time to absorb and react while QGW adopts pull behind vaginal suppository, it acts directly on the focus with a strong disinfecting factor, using nanotechnology, its ultramicroscopic elements can be absorbed more easily with a better affinity. It can effectively penetrate human skin, not only disinfecting topical infections but also penetrating into deeper organs. Overcoming the difficulty of getting into the wrinkles of vagina as traditional medicines have failed, QGW completely disinfects the deeper part of vagina with a better and rapid result.
Secondly,expulsion of deeper toxins and vaginal lyma. QGW has a disinfecting factor that can penetrate vaginal tissues, decomposing various kinds of dirt and toxins and expel them quickly from inside to the outside with no contamination or residue left, promoting metabolism, softening corneal layer and restoring affected parts, so as to quickly improve vaginal dryness and attenuation, restore elasticity and lubrication of vaginal tissues to its girlhood while reducing inflammation and expel toxins, eliminating vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, atrophy and other symptoms on women of all ages.
Thirdly, vaginal cleansing and contraction, QGW has active Chinese herbal essence, it can promote blood circulation and cell regeneration while reducing inflammation and toxins, it can restore vaginal elastic fibers to normal state, enhance activity of muscular cells, improve vaginal slack and elasticity, restoring its grip, it has good efficacy on frigidity from vaginal slack and lowering of sensitivity.
Fourthly, rebuilding immune system, supply probiotics for the vagina, restore vaginal tissues and self-clearing, traditional products like antibiotics, suppositories or chemical lotion will kill probiotics while killing germs, destroying flora, turning treatment into disease-causing. QGW will supplement probiotics, with TDS it will not destroy vaginal probiotics, sustain a good balance, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, promoting regeneration of affected vaginal mucous membranes; nourishing vagina and restoring its balance and
self-cleaning, rebuilding natural barrier, with the use of QGW, women will stay away from G & O diseases.
Fifthly, womb- nursing, the active elements of QGW can penetrate the womb, with TDS it will kill various kinds of germs inside the womb, and clear germs and residues from menstruation, nursing endometrium, promote regeneration of endometrium and increase its elasticity, enhance immune system, restore womb to its younger days and prevent cervical carcinoma.
Sixthly, ovary-nursing, regulate incretion, QGW, using bio-active extraction and nanotechnology, its active elements are in the ions form so it is permeable and with a high bio-availability, it can quickly penetrate into blood and muscles, acting on the ovary to secrete hormones to a well balanced state. Making women’s skin thin, lubricious and elastic, reducing splash and wrinkles. Breasts getting fat and firm, becoming charming and tender and postpone menopausal syndrome.
Intended for: QGW is intended for the following 7 types of women:
Women with endometritis, cervical erosion, cystic ovary, hysteromyoma, adnexitis, colpitis and PID, with continuous onsets and a long resistance to treatment.
Used for womb cleansing, compressing and disinfection after abortion, birth and period.
Women with abnormal fluor albus, yellowing skin with splashes, sore waist and limbs and menstrual disorder.
Women with G&O diseases but scared of side effects of oral drugs, laser or cryotherapy.
Women with bad sanitation practices and unhygienic sex.
Women with cervical erosion, who hope to be treated at home instead of taking the trouble of going to hospitals,
Women who has a very high requirement for the hygiene of her genital organs and safe drug administration.
To test the efficacy within 48 hours (return a healthy woman to you)
Step 1: Pull QGW out of the vagina after putting it in for 3 days, you will see the pill has become a lot larger, and this is the toxin it has absorbed from the vagina, meanwhile syndromes like itch, pain and peculiar smell have all lightened.
Step 2: anabrosis, purulent secretion and purulent secretion have been absorbed on the pill and expelled out of the body constantly, frequent micturition and urgent micturition have faded, fluor albus has reduced and peculiar smell has disappeared.
Step 3: promote the metabolism of female genital organs, heal the wound on vagina and ovary left by birth and abortion, making them thin and lubricious as ever as a maiden.
Step 4:  the secretion of hormone is restored to normal level, regulating Qi and blood, balance internal secretion, reducing splash, giving her red complexion, and she will look tender and charming.
Indications and effect mechanism
QGW is applicable to many G&O diseases like endometritis, cervical erosion, cystic ovary, hysteromyoma, adnexitis, colpitis and PID, etc.. Once the pill is put inside the vagina, as it has temperature and humidity, on which the pill will exert, absorbed by vaginal mucous membrane, unblocking channels and improving collateral circulation, it will allay inflammation and kill bacteria, get rid of peculiar smell and itch.
Menstrual disorder
Excessive or little menses, with a dark color and an uneven concentration, dysmenorrheal or sore waist, QGW will unblock channels and invigorate blood circulation, with one course of treatment, symptoms will disappear or lighten.
Cervical erosion
QGW has remarkable effect on cervical erosion, as the pill acts directly on removing the necrotic tissues, purulent secretion and bacteria are absorbed on the pill, and taken outside of the body, also QGW has the effect of emoving the necrotic tissue, it can quickly heal the cervical ulcer and prevent recurrence.
The channels of female genitals organs are connected with breasts, so if the genital organs have contracted a disease, the channels and Qi are blocked, an enclosed mass or hyperplasia will develop in breasts, and breast cancer will occur if it is not treated for a long time. QGW can unblock the channels and treat the diseases on the upper body from the lower part of the body.
Myoma of uterus, cystic ovary and metropolypus
Myoma of uterus will turn into cancer if not treated in time, QGW can absorb and strip off myoma of uterus, cystic ovary and metropolypus. So the myoma will be terminated , shrink and stripped off and taken out of the body.
As QGW has the efficacy of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and unblocking the channels, it will reduce splashes and dark blisters and restore luster on the face.

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