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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Author:Xiao Lian Date:2010-11-1 20:25:56

Chinese Herbal Medicine

For certain conditions, Chinese Herbal Medicine alone or in combination with acupuncture may be most effective. When prescribed by a trained and licensed herbalist, Chinese herbs are a completely safe, gentle, and effective remedy for many ailments and have very few side effects.

Chinese herbal prescriptions are carefully composed mixtures of individual herbs. The proportions are specific to each person, and they are easily modified to meet the needs of the individual. Herbs may be administered in a raw form in which they must be cooked by the patient, or in a convenient powdered form that can be mixed in warm water. Many formulas are now available in pill form.

I only prescribe herbs from companies that guarantee quality control and safe manufacturing procedures, including testing for heavy metals. To read about safety precautions in herb manufacturing

Benefits of herbal medicine

There are numerous benefits to Chinese herbal medicine, including the following:

  • It is a gentle, natural way to treat difficult imbalances in the body.
  • It can often make lasting changes more quickly than acupuncture alone, particularly for long-standing imbalances.
  • It is a good way to maintain the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments when treatments need to be spaced farther apart than is ideal.
  • It is tailored to the individual. A prescription is written with a particular balance of a particular set of herbs for each patient. That prescription can be easily adjusted and rebalanced as often as necessary to find the most effective formulation and to adjust for change and progress in a patient’s condition.
  • It is often safely combined with many Western pharmaceuticals. A trained herbalist will know which combinations are safe and what should be avoided

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