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zimeishu Silver-ion Pads

zimeishu Silver-ion Pads zimeishu Silver-ion Pads zimeishu Silver-ion Pads
Product name:zimeishu Silver-ion Pads
Item:zimeishu silver-ion pads

 Zimeishu Silver-ion Gynecological Pad .

Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad is a new healthcare product for preventing the occurrence and recurrence of gynecological inflammations. It is the latest research result by our experts, absorbing the late achievements in the field of physiological anatomy, pharmacology, immunology, microcirculation, reproduction physiology and endocrinology. Taking advantage of high-tech medical skill, Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad is designed according to the female physiological structure. The pad not only has the obvious function to prevent gynecologic inflammations, but also can improve the resistance of female body without toxicity, allergy and side effect.

Main Ingredients:Silver-ion,plant extractive

Indication:This product is applicable in the treatment of gynecological mycotic vulvitis,non-deviant sexual vulvitis,genital itching,genital eczema and the adjuvant treatment of vaginitis,cervicitis ,pelvic inflammaory disease and annexitis ets.It can also prevent gynecological disease and post natal,flow postoperative wound infections,in that case.the disease resistance of female genital multilation can be fully improved.

Directions:1.Tear the profective paper and past the plaster in the middle of underpants tightened to the vulva.

2.Being used 3 days before and 4 days after the menstruation period.1-2 pieces each day

Contra-indication:People who are sensitive to the silver-ion are forbidden to use.Pregnant women are forbidden to use

Cautions:The product is sterilized with cobalt 60 rays in sealed package.Use immediately after opened.Broken pads are forbidden to use.

Functions of Silver-ion:

Silver-ion has three functions:

(A) Restrain the breath of bacteria and virus

(B) Divide the cell membrane of bacteria

(C) Combine with cells of bacteria and DNA of virus Zimeishu chooses silver-ion as the antimicrobial, which has the good function of killing bacteria without damage to the cellular tissue.
Function of Zimeishu:

Zimeishu silver-ion gynecological pad not only can diminish the common gynecological inflammations, but also can regulate endocrine, improve resistance and delay the deterioration of reproductive organs. The fact is that the drugs absorption in the skin of vulva is much higher than any other parts because of female vulva consists of greater lip of pudendum, clitoris, perineum, external orifice of urethra, greater vestibular gland and urethra orifice, which are all full of venous networks, sensitive nerve plexus, lymphatic vessels accompanied with blood vessels, dense microcirculatory networks, and specially the thin-walled vein with no anterior value in pelvic cavity. It is because of these physiological and anatomic characteristics that the natural herbal medicine extract can be easily absorbed and affected for a longer time in the venous and microcirculatory networks so that internal diseases can be treated with external methods.

No.1 quick efficacy, safe and highly reliable

Silver-ion can diminish inflammationrelieve the itching and eliminate the abnormal odor within five seconds. It doesn’t destroy the acid-base balance in vagina and no allergy to the skin and mucous membrane.

No.2 Keep Clean, Convenient and Hygienic

Zimeishu chooses silver-ion as the antimicrobial, which has the good function of killing bacteria. The soft pad is made of non-woven fabric with the silver-ion and natural herbal medicine extract inside by the high-tech skill. Taking advantage of the “skin-absorption skill��? a protective and curative layer was formed to protect, nourish and nurse the vulva. The silver-ion dissociating into the vagina and then entering into the reproductive organ through microcirculatory system, it not only can kill and expel the pathogen, but also prevent the entrance of bacterial from the outside and keeping the vulva clean all the time; Individual and sterile package, which totally tally with the female’s using habit for the sanitary product; it is convenient to take and use without any influence and embarrassment whether working, on business or sporting.

No.3 Continuous protection and curing

It dispels the blank period—daytime of the traditional protection, provides day and night protection for the female. Because the vagina is more easily infected in the daytime than at night, if only protect and cure at night, it will delay the time of suffering, reduce the effective rate, and make the symptom recurrent. Only the day and night continuous protection can reach the good result.

No.4 Fresh and comfortable

The pad is soft and comfortable; silver-ion dissociating movement and skin-absorption make female feel fresh and moistened.

No.5 No toxicity and side effect

Zimeishu is the latest research result, absorbing the late achievements in the fields of physiological anatomy, pharmacology, immunology, microcirculation, reproductive physiology and endocrinology. Take the natural silver-ion as the antimicrobial, no toxicity and side effect. Zimeishu Silver-ion gynecological pad curing the gynecological inflammations without damage, thus avoided all kinds of sequela that caused by the damaging treatment, and reached the harmonious of prevention and treatment, treatment and protection.


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